Our History

Story telling

From grandmother's smile 1980: The first tourists walk in the streets of Vamos. I still remember my grandmother offering bunches of grapes from our garden. They did not speak Greek but they offered their warm smile to my grandmother who was happy to see tourists in her village. She did not have any touristic experience. But she knew how to make tourists smile. She was honoured when somebody was walking in the streets of her village and admired her garden. 2007:27 years have passed since my family decided to build this villa to connect the past of the family with the future. Based on the smile of the grandmother and her desire to offer, my family envisioned a stone-built villa surrounded by the plants of the Cretan land. Today: Our vision is to make visitors feel part of the island’s history; travel in the garden odors, and taste flavors that only the Cretan land can give. We want visitors to feel like the guest of the past that made a stop to relax and enjoy a bunch of grapes. We want visitors to experience the history of the place, to walk in the streets of the village and to write their own history. As soon as you meet my mother and father, you will see right away their desire to offer. Spyridoula will treat you with traditional delicacies, which she has learned from her mother. Feel free to ask her for another piece of cheese pie. You will easily recognize my father Aristides, who is a typical Cretan figure. Do not hesitate to cut tomatoes from the garden. It is certain that the garden will impress you and you will definitely want to talk to my brother, Manolis, to tell you his secrets.